Choosing the Authorization Level for Location Services

Choose the appropriate level of access to location data for your app.


The type of authorization (“when-in-use” or “always”) that you request determines which location services your app can access and when it can use them:

  • When-in-use authorization. Your app can use most services but cannot use services that automatically relaunch the app. Your app must always start services while running in the foreground. If you enable the background location capability for your app, a suspended app will wake in the background to handle location events. However, if your app is not running, it will not be launched.

  • Always authorization. Your app can use all location services, and it can start those services from either the foreground or the background. If a location-related event occurs when your app is not running, the system launches your app and delivers the event.

It is recommended that you request only when-in-use authorization whenever possible. If your app requests and receives when-in-use authorization, you can make a separate request for always authorization later. (Apps may make only one request for always authorization.) Even if you request always authorization, the user has the option of granting your app when-in-use authorization instead. So you must always be prepared to run with when-in-use authorization.

Table 1 lists the location services available for each type of authorization.

Table 1

Authorizations supported by the location services




Standard location service



Significant-change location service

Not available


Visits service

Not available


Region monitoring

Not available


iBeacon ranging



Heading service



Geocoding services



After making an authorization request, it is safe to start location services before your request is resolved. However, location services do not deliver any data until the authorization status changes to kCLAuthorizationStatusAuthorizedAlways or kCLAuthorizationStatusAuthorizedWhenInUse. Implement the locationManager:didChangeAuthorizationStatus: method in your location manager delegate to be notified when your app's authorization status changes.


Requesting Authorization

Requesting When-In-Use Authorization

Request authorization to use location services only when your app is running.

Requesting Always Authorization

Request authorization to use location services at any time.

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