Information about an observed iBeacon device and its relative distance to the user’s device.


class CLBeacon : NSObject


The CLBeacon class represents a beacon that was observed during beacon ranging. You do not create instances of this class directly. The location manager (CLLocationManager) object reports observed beacons to its associated delegate object.

The identity of a beacon is defined by its uuid, major, and minor properties. These values are coded into the beacon itself. For a more thorough description of the meaning of those values, see CLBeaconRegion.


Identifying a Beacon

var uuid: UUID

The UUID that the observed beacon transmitted.

var major: NSNumber

The major value that the observed beacon transmitted.

var minor: NSNumber

The minor value that the observed beacon transmitted.

var proximityUUID: UUID

The proximity ID of the beacon.


Determining Distance to the Beacon

var proximity: CLProximity

The relative distance to the beacon.

enum CLProximity

Constants that reflect the relative distance to a beacon.

var accuracy: CLLocationAccuracy

The accuracy of the proximity value, measured in meters from the beacon.

var rssi: Int

The received signal strength of the beacon, measured in decibels.

var timestamp: Date

A timestamp representing when the beacon was observed.


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See Also


Ranging for Beacons

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Turning an iOS Device into an iBeacon Device

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class CLBeaconRegion

A region used to detect the presence of iBeacon devices.

class CLBeaconIdentityConstraint

Identity characteristics that can match one or more beacons.