Identity characteristics that can match one or more beacons.


@interface CLBeaconIdentityConstraint : NSObject


A constraint specifies beacon identity characteristics. Use constraints to check for matching beacons by comparing the beacon’s identity characteristics (UUID, major, and minor ) to those in the constraint.

Constraints always specify a UUID value, but the major and minor values are optional. A beacon is said to satisfy the constraint if all three identity characteristics of the beacon match the same characteristic of the constraint. Major and minor characteristics are wildcards if they have no value. A major or minor wildcard value matches any value in the beacon’s corresponding characteristic.


Initializing a Beacon Identity Constraint

- initWithUUID:

Create a beacon identity constraint containing the UUID characteristic only, with wildcard values for the major and minor characteristics.

- initWithUUID:major:

Create a beacon identity constraint containing the UUID and major characteristics, with a wildcard for the minor characteristic.

- initWithUUID:major:minor:

Create a beacon identity constraint containing the UUID, major, and minor characteristics.

Getting Constraint Characteristics


The UUID necessary to satisfy the constraint.


The constraint's value for the major identity characteristic.


The constraint's value for the minor identity characteristic.


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