Instance Method


Initializes and returns a region object defining a circular geographic area.


- (instancetype)initWithCenter:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)center radius:(CLLocationDistance)radius identifier:(NSString *)identifier;



The center point of the geographic region to monitor.


The distance (measured in meters) from the center point of the geographic region to the edge of the circular boundary.


A unique identifier to associate with the region object. You use this identifier to differentiate regions within your application. This value must not be nil.

Return Value

An initialized region object.


When defining a geographic region, remember that the location manager does not generate notifications immediately upon crossing a region boundary. Instead, it applies time and distance criteria to ensure that the crossing was intended and should genuinely trigger a notification. So choose a center point and radius that are appropriate and give you enough time to alert the user. For more information, see the information about region monitoring in Location and Maps Programming Guide.