A circular geographic region, specified as a center point and radius.


class CLCircularRegion : CLRegion


The CLCircularRegion class defines the location and boundaries for a circular geographic region. You can use instances of this class to define geo fences for a specific location. The crossing of a geo fence’s boundary causes the location manager to notify its delegate.


Initializing a Circular Region

init(center: CLLocationCoordinate2D, radius: CLLocationDistance, identifier: String)

Initializes and returns a region object defining a circular geographic area.

Accessing a Region’s Attributes

var center: CLLocationCoordinate2D

The center point of the geographic area.

var radius: CLLocationDistance

The radius (measured in meters) that defines the geographic area’s outer boundary.

Hit Testing in a Region

func contains(CLLocationCoordinate2D) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the geographic area contains the specified coordinate.


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Monitoring the User's Proximity to Geographic Regions

Use region monitoring to determine when the user enters or leaves a geographic region.

class CLRegion

A base class representing an area that can be monitored.