Instance Method


Submits a reverse-geocoding request for the specified location.


- (void)reverseGeocodeLocation:(CLLocation *)location completionHandler:(CLGeocodeCompletionHandler)completionHandler;



The location object containing the coordinate data to look up.


The handler block to execute with the results. The geocoder executes this handler regardless of whether the request was successful or unsuccessful. For more information on the format of this block, see CLGeocodeCompletionHandler.


This method submits the specified location data to the geocoding server asynchronously and returns. When the request completes, the geocoder executes the provided completion handler on the main thread.

After initiating a reverse-geocoding request, do not attempt to initiate another reverse- or forward-geocoding request. Geocoding requests are rate-limited for each app, so making too many requests in a short period of time may cause some of the requests to fail. When the maximum rate is exceeded, the geocoder passes an error object with the value kCLErrorNetwork to your completion handler.

See Also

Reverse Geocoding a Location

- reverseGeocodeLocation:preferredLocale:completionHandler:

Submits a reverse-geocoding request for the specified location and locale.