Instance Property


The heading (measured in degrees) relative to true north.


var trueHeading: CLLocationDirection { get }


The value in this property represents the heading relative to the geographic North Pole. The value 0 means the device is pointed toward true north, 90 means it is pointed due east, 180 means it is pointed due south, and so on. A negative value indicates that the heading could not be determined.

In iOS 3.x and earlier, the value in this property is always measured relative to the top of the device in a portrait orientation, regardless of the device’s actual physical or interface orientation. In iOS 4.0 and later, the value is measured relative to the heading orientation specified by the location manager. For more information, see the headingOrientation property in CLLocationManager.

See Also

Accessing the Heading Attributes

var magneticHeading: CLLocationDirection

The heading (measured in degrees) relative to magnetic north.

var headingAccuracy: CLLocationDirection

The maximum deviation (measured in degrees) between the reported heading and the true geomagnetic heading.

var timestamp: Date

The time at which this heading was determined.