Instance Property


The accuracy of the altitude value, measured in meters.


var verticalAccuracy: CLLocationAccuracy { get }


When this property contains 0 or a positive number, the value in the altitude property is plus or minus the specified number of meters. When this property contains a negative number, the value in the altitude property is invalid.

Determining the vertical accuracy requires a device with GPS capabilities. Thus, on some devices, this property always contains a negative value.

Special Considerations

In iOS, this property is declared as nonatomic. In macOS, it is declared as atomic.

See Also

Getting the Location Attributes

var coordinate: CLLocationCoordinate2D

The geographical coordinate information.

var altitude: CLLocationDistance

The altitude, measured in meters.

var floor: CLFloor?

The logical floor of the building in which the user is located.

var horizontalAccuracy: CLLocationAccuracy

The radius of uncertainty for the location, measured in meters.

var timestamp: Date

The time at which this location was determined.