Type Method


Returns the app’s authorization status for using location services.


class func authorizationStatus() -> CLAuthorizationStatus

Return Value

A value indicating whether the app is authorized to use location services.


The system is guaranteed to call the delegate method with the app's initial authorization state and all authorization status changes.

The system manages the authorization status of a given app according to several factors. Users must authorize the app to use location services explicitly, and location services must be enabled in Settings > Privacy. See Choosing the Location Services Authorization to Request for more information.

See Also

Requesting Authorization for Location Services

func requestWhenInUseAuthorization()

Requests the user’s permission to use location services while the app is in use.

func requestAlwaysAuthorization()

Requests the user’s permission for location services whether or not the app is in use.

enum CLAuthorizationStatus

Constants indicating the app's authorization to use location services.