Type Method


Returns a Boolean value indicating whether region monitoring is currently enabled.


class func regionMonitoringEnabled() -> Bool

Return Value

true if region monitoring is available and is currently enabled; false if it is unavailable or not enabled.


In iOS, the user can enable or disable location services (including region monitoring) using the controls in Settings > Location Services.

You should check the return value of this method before starting region monitoring updates to determine whether the user currently allows location services to be used at all. If this method returns false and you start region monitoring updates anyway, the Core Location framework prompts the user to confirm asking whether location services should be reenabled.

This method does not check to see if region monitoring capabilities are actually supported by the device. Therefore, you should also check the return value of the regionMonitoringAvailable() class method before attempting to start region monitoring services.

See Also


var purpose: String?

An app-provided string that describes the reason for using location services.

class func regionMonitoringAvailable() -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether region monitoring is supported on the current device.