Type Method


Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the device supports deferred location updates.


class func deferredLocationUpdatesAvailable() -> Bool

Return Value

true if the device supports deferred location updates or false if it does not.


Deferred location updates are a way for the location manager to avoid frequently waking up a background app to deliver location changes. Normally, when an app wants location updates in the background, the app must be woken up whenever a new event arrives. Waking up the app consumes power, which in some situations might be wasted if the app cannot do anything with the location information other than log it and go back to sleep anyway. Deferring location updates gives you the ability to wait until a time when your app can do something useful with the data and then process the updates all at once.

Deferred location updates require the presence of GPS hardware and may not be supported on all iOS devices.

See Also

Deferring Location Updates

func allowDeferredLocationUpdates(untilTraveled: CLLocationDistance, timeout: TimeInterval)

Asks the location manager to defer the delivery of location updates until the specified criteria are met.

func disallowDeferredLocationUpdates()

Cancels the deferral of location updates for this app.

let CLTimeIntervalMax: TimeInterval

A value representing an unlimited amount of time.