Instance Method


Tells the delegate that new location data is available.


optional func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didUpdateLocations locations: [CLLocation])



The location manager object that generated the update event.


An array of CLLocation objects containing the location data. This array always contains at least one object representing the current location. If updates were deferred or if multiple locations arrived before they could be delivered, the array may contain additional entries. The objects in the array are organized in the order in which they occurred. Therefore, the most recent location update is at the end of the array.


Implementation of this method is optional but recommended.

See Also

Responding to Location Events

func locationManager(CLLocationManager, didFailWithError: Error)

Tells the delegate that the location manager was unable to retrieve a location value.

func locationManager(CLLocationManager, didFinishDeferredUpdatesWithError: Error?)

Tells the delegate that updates will no longer be deferred.

func locationManager(CLLocationManager, didUpdateTo: CLLocation, from: CLLocation)

Tells the delegate that a new location value is available.

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