Instance Method


Tells the delegate that a beacon satisfying the constraint was detected.


optional func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didRange beacons: [CLBeacon], satisfying beaconConstraint: CLBeaconIdentityConstraint)

See Also

Responding to Ranging Events

func locationManager(CLLocationManager, didFailRangingFor: CLBeaconIdentityConstraint, error: Error)

Tells the delegate that no beacons were detected that satisfy the constraint.

func locationManager(CLLocationManager, didRangeBeacons: [CLBeacon], in: CLBeaconRegion)

Tells the delegate that one or more beacons are in range.

func locationManager(CLLocationManager, rangingBeaconsDidFailFor: CLBeaconRegion, withError: Error)

Tells the delegate that an error occurred while gathering ranging information for a set of beacons.


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