Returns the product of a CMTime and a 32-bit integer.


func CMTimeMultiply(_ time: CMTime, multiplier: Int32) -> CMTime



The CMTime that will be multiplied.


A 32-bit integer. CMTime time and multiplier will be multiplied.

Return Value

The product of the CMTime and the 32-bit integer.


The result will have the same timescale as the CMTime operand. If the result value overflows, the result timescale will be repeatedly halved until the result value no longer overflows. Again, default rounding will be applied when converting the result to this timescale. If the result value still overflows when timescale == 1, then the result will be either positive or negative infinity, depending on the direction of the overflow.If any rounding occurs for any reason, the result's hasBeenRounded flag will be set. This flag will also be set if the CMTime operand has hasBeenRounded set. If the CMTime operand is invalid, the result will be invalid. If the CMTime operand is valid, but infinite, the result will be infinite, and of an appropriate sign, give the signs of both operands. If the CMTime operand is valid, but indefinite, the result will be indefinite.

See Also

Performing Common Operations

func CMTimeAdd(CMTime, CMTime) -> CMTime

Returns the sum of two CMTimes.

func CMTimeSubtract(CMTime, CMTime) -> CMTime

Returns the difference of two CMTimes.

func CMTimeMultiplyByFloat64(CMTime, multiplier: Float64) -> CMTime

Returns the product of a CMTime and a 64-bit float.

func CMTimeMultiplyByRatio(CMTime, multiplier: Int32, divisor: Int32) -> CMTime

Returns the result of multiplying a CMTime by an integer, then dividing by another integer.

func CMTimeConvertScale(CMTime, timescale: Int32, method: CMTimeRoundingMethod) -> CMTime

Returns a new CMTime containing the source CMTime converted to a new timescale (rounding as requested).