Copies PCM audio data from the given sample buffer into a pre-populated AudioBufferList.


func CMSampleBufferCopyPCMDataIntoAudioBufferList(_ sbuf: CMSampleBuffer, at frameOffset: Int32, frameCount numFrames: Int32, into bufferList: UnsafeMutablePointer<AudioBufferList>) -> OSStatus



The sample buffer containing the PCM audio data to be copied.


The frame offset number from which to begin the copy.


The total number of frames to copy.


The audio buffer list to populate.


The AudioBufferList must contain the same number of channels and its data buffers must be sized to hold the specified number of frames.

This API is specific to audio format sample buffers, and will return kCMSampleBufferError_InvalidMediaTypeForOperation if called with a non-audio sample buffer. It will return an error if the sample buffer does not contain PCM audio data or if its data buffer is not ready.

See Also

Working with Audio Samples

func CMSampleBufferGetAudioStreamPacketDescriptionsPtr(CMSampleBuffer, packetDescriptionsPointerOut: UnsafeMutablePointer<UnsafePointer<AudioStreamPacketDescription>?>?, sizeOut: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>?) -> OSStatus

Retrieves a pointer to a constant array of AudioStreamPacketDescriptions for the variable bytes per packet or variable frames per packet audio data in the provided CMSampleBuffer.

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