Compares two CMFormatDescription objects for equality, ignoring differences in the specified lists of format description extension keys and sample description extension keys.


func CMFormatDescriptionEqualIgnoringExtensionKeys(_ formatDescription: CMFormatDescription?, otherFormatDescription: CMFormatDescription?, extensionKeysToIgnore formatDescriptionExtensionKeysToIgnore: CFTypeRef?, sampleDescriptionExtensionAtomKeysToIgnore: CFTypeRef?) -> Bool



The first format description.


The second format description.


Either a single format description extension key (CFString) or a CFArray of such keys.


Either a single sample description extension atom key (four-character CFString) or a CFArray of such keys. See kCMFormatDescriptionExtension_SampleDescriptionExtensionAtoms.


If any keys are passed, kCMFormatDescriptionExtension_VerbatimSampleDescription and kCMFormatDescriptionExtension_VerbatimISOSampleEntry will also be automatically ignored for the purpose of comparison.

See Also

Common Functions

func CMFormatDescriptionCreate(allocator: CFAllocator?, mediaType: CMMediaType, mediaSubType: FourCharCode, extensions: CFDictionary?, formatDescriptionOut: UnsafeMutablePointer<CMFormatDescription?>) -> OSStatus

Creates a generic CMFormatDescription object. You should not call this method for the media types that has specific create functions such as audio, video, text, muxed, metaData and timeCode.

func CMFormatDescriptionGetExtensions(CMFormatDescription) -> CFDictionary?

Returns an immutable dictionary containing all the extensions of a CMFormatDescription.

func CMFormatDescriptionGetMediaSubType(CMFormatDescription) -> FourCharCode

Returns the media subtype of a CMFormatDescription.

func CMFormatDescriptionGetMediaType(CMFormatDescription) -> CMMediaType

Returns the media type of a CMFormatDescription.

func CMFormatDescriptionGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the CFTypeID of CMFormatDescription objects.

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