Type Alias


Display mode flags for text media.


typealias CMTextDisplayFlags = UInt32



var kCMTextDisplayFlag_scrollIn: CMTextDisplayFlags

Text scrolls into the display region.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_scrollOut: CMTextDisplayFlags

Text scrolls out of the display region.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_scrollDirectionMask: CMTextDisplayFlags

The scrolling direction is set by a two-bit field, obtained from displayFlags using kCMTextDisplayFlag_scrollDirectionMask.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_scrollDirection_bottomToTop: CMTextDisplayFlags

Text is vertically scrolled up (“credits style”), entering from the bottom and leaving towards the top.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_scrollDirection_rightToLeft: CMTextDisplayFlags

Text is horizontally scrolled (“marquee style”), entering from the right and leaving towards the left.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_scrollDirection_topToBottom: CMTextDisplayFlags

Text is vertically scrolled down, entering from the top and leaving towards the bottom.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_scrollDirection_leftToRight: CMTextDisplayFlags

Text is horizontally scrolled, entering from the left and leaving towards the right.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_continuousKaraoke: CMTextDisplayFlags

Enables the Continuous Karaoke mode where the range of karaoke highlighting extends to include additional ranges rather than the highlighting moves onto the next range.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_writeTextVertically: CMTextDisplayFlags

Specifies the text to be rendered vertically.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_fillTextRegion: CMTextDisplayFlags

The subtitle display bounds are to be filled with the color specified by kCMTextFormatDescriptionExtension_BackgroundColor.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_forcedSubtitlesPresent: CMTextDisplayFlags

Forced subtitles are present, for example, a subtitle which only displays during foreign language sections of the video. Check individual samples to determine what type of subtitle is contained.

var kCMTextDisplayFlag_allSubtitlesForced: CMTextDisplayFlags

Treat all subtitle samples as if they contain forced subtitles.