Text Markup Attributes

Attributed string keys used by Core Media.



let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_BackgroundColorARGB: CFString

The background color for the shape holding the text.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_CharacterBackgroundColorARGB: CFString

The background color behind individual text characters.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_UnderlineStyle: CFString

Specifies an underlined text style.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_GenericFontFamilyName: CFString

The attribute holding a generic font family identifier.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_BaseFontSizePercentageRelativeToVideoHeight: CFString

The base font size expressed as a percentage of the video height.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_RelativeFontSize: CFString

The font size expressed as a percentage of the current default font size.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_VerticalLayout: CFString

The kind of vertical layout of the text block.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_Alignment: CFString

The alignment of text in the writing direction of the first line of text.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_TextPositionPercentageRelativeToWritingDirection: CFString

The placement of the block of text specified as a percentage in the writing direction.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_OrthogonalLinePositionPercentageRelativeToWritingDirection: CFString

The placement of the block of text's first line specified as a percentage in the direction orthogonal to the writing direction.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_WritingDirectionSizePercentage: CFString

The dimension (width or height) of the bounding box containing the text expressed as a percentage.

let kCMTextMarkupAttribute_CharacterEdgeStyle: CFString

Specifies alternative shapes for edges of characters.