The collection of text markup-related attributes supported by Core Media.


Core Media includes support for legible media streams such as subtitles, captions and text. In some cases, clients may need to specify style information to control the rendering. In other cases, information about the text and applied styling may be communicated from Core Media to the client. To carry this information, Core Media defines a set of attributes that may be used in dictionaries that Core Media uses. These attributes can also be used as CFAttributedString attributes.



Text Markup Attributes

Attributed string keys used by Core Media.

Generic Font Names

Values for the kCMTextMarkupAttribute_GenericFontFamilyName attribute specifying fonts by their general properties.

Vertical Layout Constants

Values for the kCMTextMarkupAttribute_VerticalLayout attribute indicating the layout of vertical text.

Alignment Type Constants

Values for the kCMTextMarkupAttribute_Alignment attribute indicating the alignment of text within its writing direction.

Character Edge Style Constants

Values for the kCMTextMarkupAttribute_CharacterEdgeStyle attribute controlling the visual style for character edges.