Communicate with MIDI devices such as hardware keyboards and synthesizers.


The Core MIDI framework provides APIs for communicating with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices, including hardware keyboards and synthesizers. Connect from an iOS device using the dock connector or a network. For more information about using the dock connector, see Apple’s MFi program.



class MIDINetworkConnection

A MIDI network connection specifies a connection to a MIDI network host. To establish or break a connection, use methods from the MIDINetworkSession class.

class MIDINetworkHost

A MIDI network host represents a remote MIDI host

class MIDINetworkSession

The singleton MIDI network session represents one Core MIDI source-destination pair, known as a MIDI entity. The session can have any number of MIDI network connections. MIDI output is broadcast to all the session’s connections. MIDI input from all connections is merged.


MIDI Setup

The functions described in this document let you manipulate and customize the global state of the MIDI system. These functions are usually needed only by apps that wish to allow the user some flexibility in how the MIDI system’s state is presented.