Getting a Core ML Model

Obtain a Core ML model to use in your app.


Core ML supports a variety of machine learning models, including neural networks, tree ensembles, support vector machines, and generalized linear models. Core ML requires the Core ML model format (models with a .mlmodel file extension).

Apple provides several popular, open source models that are already in the Core ML model format. You can download these models and start using them in your app. Additionally, various research groups and universities publish their models and training data, which may not be in the Core ML model format. To use these models, you need to convert them, as described in Converting Trained Models to Core ML.

See Also

First Steps

Integrating a Core ML Model into Your App

Add a simple model to an app, pass input data to the model, and process the model’s predictions.

Converting Trained Models to Core ML

Convert trained models created with third-party machine learning tools to the Core ML model format.