An interface that defines the behavior of a custom layer in your neural network model.


protocol MLCustomLayer


You use the MLCustomLayer protocol to define the behavior of your own neural network layers in Core ML models. You can deploy novel or proprietary models on your own release schedule. Custom layers also provide a mechanism for pre- or post-processing during model evaluation.


Creating a Layer

init(parameters: [String : Any])

Initializes the custom layer implementation.


Integrating a Layer

func setWeightData([Data])

Assigns the weights for the connections within the layer.


func outputShapes(forInputShapes: [[NSNumber]]) -> [[NSNumber]]

Calculates the shapes of the output of this layer for the given input shapes.


Evaluating a Layer

func evaluate(inputs: [MLMultiArray], outputs: [MLMultiArray])

Evaluates the custom layer with the given inputs.


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