Instance Method


Calculates the shapes of the output of this layer for the given input shapes.



- (NSArray<NSArray<NSNumber *> *> *)outputShapesForInputShapes:(NSArray<NSArray<NSNumber *> *> *)inputShapes error:(NSError * _Nullable *)error;



The shapes of the input for this layer.

Return Value

The shapes of the output for the given input shapes.


Implement this method to define the layer's interface with the rest of the network. It will be called at least once at load time and any time the size of the inputs changes in a call to predictionFromFeatures:error:.

This method consumes and returns 5D arrays of shapes in the usual Core ML convention: Sequence, Batch, Channel, Height, and Width. See the Core ML Neural Network specification for more details about how layers use these dimensions.

See Also

Integrating a Layer

- setWeightData:error:

Assigns the weights for the connections within the layer.


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