Instance Method


Assigns the weights for the connections within the layer.



func setWeightData(_ weights: [Data]) throws



The data encoded in the weights field of the model specification.


Implement this method to assign the weights for all the connections between nodes in your layer. This method is called once after the initialization call. Your implementation should validate the weights and throw an error if the weights do not have the expected shape or values.

The data encoded in the weights field of the .mlmodel file is loaded and passed into this method. If there are repeated weights in the .mlmodel file, they will be listed explicitly in the weights array. The weight values are provided in the order that they were defined during the custom layer conversion process. Keep a reference to the weights passed in because copying the weights array can significantly increase an app's memory. Avoid modifying values of the weights.

See Also

Integrating a Layer

func outputShapes(forInputShapes: [[NSNumber]]) -> [[NSNumber]]

Calculates the shapes of the output of this layer for the given input shapes.