An interface that defines the behavior of a custom model.


protocol MLCustomModel


To integrate your custom model with Core ML, adopt the MLCustomModel protocol in the implementation of your custom model. If you use a Swift class for your custom implementation, make it accessible to Core ML by using the @objc(name) attribute.

class MyCustomModel: NSObject, MLCustomModel {

This defines the Objective-C name for the class, which Core ML needs to access your custom class’s implementation.


Creating the Model

init(modelDescription: MLModelDescription, parameters: [String : Any])

Creates a custom model with the given description and parameters.


Making Predictions

func prediction(from: MLFeatureProvider, options: MLPredictionOptions) -> MLFeatureProvider

Predicts output values from the given input features.


func predictions(from: MLBatchProvider, options: MLPredictionOptions) -> MLBatchProvider

Predicts output values from the given batch of input features.

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