A convenience wrapper for the given dictionary of data.


class MLDictionaryFeatureProvider : NSObject


If your input data is stored in a dictionary, consider this type of MLFeatureProvider that is backed by a dictionary. It is a convenience interface, saving you the trouble of iterating through the dictionary to assign all of its values.


Creating the Provider

init(dictionary: [String : Any])

Creates the feature provider based on a dictionary.

Accessing the Features

subscript(String) -> MLFeatureValue?

Subscript interface for the feature provider to pass through to the dictionary.

See Also

Model Features

class MLFeatureValue

A feature's value and its type bundled as a read-only instance.

protocol MLFeatureProvider

An interface that represents a collection of values for either a model's input or its output.

protocol MLBatchProvider

An interface that represents a collection of feature providers.

class MLArrayBatchProvider

A convenience wrapper for batches of feature providers.

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