The name, type, and constraints of an input or output feature.


class MLFeatureDescription : NSObject


In Core ML, a feature is a single input or output of a model. A model can have any number of input features or output features. Each feature has a name and a value type, which are defined in the feature's MLFeatureDescription. Model authors use feature descriptions to help developers integrate their model properly. Each MLFeatureDescription instance has read-only properties that indicate the feature's name, its type, and whether it's optional.

For examples of features, see Integrating a Core ML Model into Your App. Note the three input features named solarPanels, greenhouses, and size, and the output feature is named price. All four features are of type Double.

An MLFeatureDescription may also include constraints, which specify the limitations of the model's input and output features. For each input feature, the constraints describe what values the model expects from your app. For each output feature, the constraints describe what values your app should expect from the model. You can also write code to inspect these descriptions before using the model in your app.


Inspecting a Feature

var name: String

The name of this feature.

var type: MLFeatureType

The type of this feature.

enum MLFeatureType

The possible types for feature values, input features, and output features.

var isOptional: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether this feature is optional.

Checking for Validity

func isAllowedValue(MLFeatureValue) -> Bool

Checks whether the model will accept an input feature value.

Accessing Feature Constraints

var imageConstraint: MLImageConstraint?

The size and format constraints for an image feature.

class MLImageConstraint

The width, height, and pixel format constraints of an image feature.

var dictionaryConstraint: MLDictionaryConstraint?

The constraint for a dictionary feature.

class MLDictionaryConstraint

The constraint on the keys for a dictionary feature.

var multiArrayConstraint: MLMultiArrayConstraint?

The constraints on a multidimensional array feature.

class MLMultiArrayConstraint

The shape and data type constraints for a multidimensional array feature.

var sequenceConstraint: MLSequenceConstraint?

The constraints for a sequence feature.

class MLSequenceConstraint

The constraints for a sequence feature.


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Accessing Feature Descriptions

var inputDescriptionsByName: [String : MLFeatureDescription]

A dictionary of input feature descriptions, which the model keys by the input’s name.

var outputDescriptionsByName: [String : MLFeatureDescription]

A dictionary of output feature descriptions, which the model keys by the output’s name.