The settings for creating or updating a machine learning model.


class MLModelConfiguration : NSObject


Configuring GPU Usage

var preferredMetalDevice: MTLDevice?

The metal device you prefer this model use to make predictions (inference) and update the model.

var allowLowPrecisionAccumulationOnGPU: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether to allow low-precision accumulation on a GPU.

Allowing Access to Processing Units

var computeUnits: MLComputeUnits

The processing unit or units the model uses to make predictions.

enum MLComputeUnits

The set of processing-unit configurations the model can use to make predictions.

Supporting Types

class MLParameterKey

A key for model and update parameter dictionaries.


Inherits From

See Also

Creating a Model

init(contentsOf: URL)

Creates a Core ML model object from a compiled model file.

init(contentsOf: URL, configuration: MLModelConfiguration)

Creates a Core ML model object from a compiled model file and a custom configuration.