Error information for Core ML.


struct MLModelError


Error Details

var errorCode: Int

The error code.

var errorUserInfo: [String : Any]

The user info for the error.

var localizedDescription: String

The localized description for the error.

Error Domain

static var errorDomain: String

The domain for the error.

let MLModelErrorDomain: String

The domain for Core ML errors.

Error Codes

static var featureType: MLModelError.Code

A type mismatch or other type-based error.

static var customLayer: MLModelError.Code

An error related to a custom layer in your model.

static var customModel: MLModelError.Code

An error related to a custom model.

static var generic: MLModelError.Code

A fallback, generic error.

static var update: MLModelError.Code

An error related to updating a model.

enum MLModelError.Code

The different types of errors for the model.

Comparison Operator

static func != (MLModelError, MLModelError) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether two values are not equal.

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