Subscript access, with an array of indexes, for the multidimensional array.


subscript(key: [NSNumber]) -> NSNumber { get set }


Using an array of indexes is the most convenient way to access the elements of the array, but it's also the least efficient. If the subscript is used in a loop, avoid creating a new array for each iteration.

Listing 1

Accessing an element in a three-dimensional array with an array of indexes.

var index: [NSNumber] = [i0, i1, i2]
let value = multiArray[index]

You'll get the best performance through direct access, using the indexes and strides to calculate the offset.

Listing 2

Calculating the offset and directly accessing the element at [i0, i1, i2].

let pointer = UnsafeMutablePointer<Double>(OpaquePointer(multiArray.dataPointer))
let offset = i0 * multiArray.strides[0].intValue + 
             i1 * multiArray.strides[1].intValue + 
             i2 * multiArray.strides[2].intValue
let value = pointer[offset]

See Also

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subscript(Int) -> NSNumber

Single, linear subscript access for the multidimensional array.