A data sample from the device's three accelerometers.


class CMAccelerometerData : CMLogItem


An application accesses CMAccelerometerData objects through the block handler specified as the last parameter of the startAccelerometerUpdates(to:withHandler:) method and through the accelerometerData property, both declared by the CMMotionManager class. The superclass of CMAccelerometerData, CMLogItem, defines a timestamp property that records when the acceleration measurement was taken.


Accessing Accelerometer Data

var acceleration: CMAcceleration

The acceleration measured by the accelerometer.

struct CMAcceleration

The type of a structure containing 3-axis acceleration values.


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Getting Raw Accelerometer Events

Retrieve data from the onboard accelerometers.

class CMRecordedAccelerometerData

A single piece of accelerometer data that was recorded by the device.

class CMSensorRecorder

The gathering and retrieval of accelerometer data from a device.

class CMSensorDataList

A list of the accelerometer data recorded by the system.