Defines a data type for a ColorSync Manager result code.


struct CMError


For a list of possible result codes, see Result Codes.



var CMErrorDeviceRequiresMovement: CMError

The device must move for a sampling of motion data to occur.

var CMErrorInvalidParameter: CMError

An invalid parameter was specified.

var CMErrorMotionActivityNotAuthorized: CMError

The app is not currently authorized to use motion activity support.

var CMErrorMotionActivityNotAvailable: CMError

Motion activity support is not available on the current device.

var CMErrorMotionActivityNotEntitled: CMError

The app is missing a required entitlement.

var CMErrorTrueNorthNotAvailable: CMError

True north is not available on this device. This usually indicates that the device’s location is not yet available.

var CMErrorUnknown: CMError

An unknown error occurred.

Instance Properties


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Understanding Errors

let CMErrorDomain: String

The error domain for Core Motion.

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