Type Method


Returns a bitmask specifying the available attitude reference frames on the device.


class func availableAttitudeReferenceFrames() -> CMAttitudeReferenceFrame

Return Value

A bitmask that you can bitwise-AND with the enum constants of the CMAttitudeReferenceFrame type.


For example, to determine whether xMagneticNorthZVertical is available on the device, you would perform the following test:

if ([CMMotionManager availableAttitudeReferenceFrames] & CMAttitudeReferenceFrameXMagneticNorthZVertical) {
    // do something appropriate here

See Also

Accessing Attitude Reference Frames

var attitudeReferenceFrame: CMAttitudeReferenceFrame

Returns either the reference frame currently being used or the default attitude reference frame.

struct CMAttitudeReferenceFrame

Enum constants for indicating the reference frames from which all attitude samples are referenced.