Instance Method


Query for tremor results from the provided time interval.


func queryTremor(from fromDate: Date, to toDate: Date, withHandler handler: @escaping CMTremorResultHandler)



The start date and time of the query. The start must be within the last seven days.


The end date and time of the query. The end must be within the last seven days, and must be after the start date.


A block for handling the tremor results returned by the query.


Use this method to asynchronously query for tremor results recorded by the monitorKinesias(forDuration:) method. The movement disorder manager keeps tremor results for only seven days after the time of recording.

After the manager retrieves the queried results, it calls your handler block from an anonymous background queue. Provide a completion handler to access and process these results.

See Also

Querying for Movement Disorders

typealias CMTremorResultHandler

A completion handler for accessing and processing tremor results.

typealias CMDyskineticSymptomResultHandler

A completion handler for processing dyskinetic symptom results.

func lastProcessedDate() -> Date?

Returns the date of the most recently calculated results.