Instance Method


Returns the date of the most recently calculated results.


func lastProcessedDate() -> Date?

Return Value

The date of the most recently calculated results, or nil if no results are available.


Because the manager processes results in batches, data may not be available immediately. Use this method to determine the end date for the currently processed data. Additional data will continue to become available, until the manager processes everything up to the monitor expiration date.

This method returns nil if you have not yet begun monitoring the user, or if the manager has not yet processed any data.

See Also

Querying for Movement Disorders

func queryTremor(from: Date, to: Date, withHandler: CMTremorResultHandler)

Query for tremor results from the provided time interval.

typealias CMTremorResultHandler

A completion handler for accessing and processing tremor results.

typealias CMDyskineticSymptomResultHandler

A completion handler for processing dyskinetic symptom results.