Instance Method


Returns the expiration date for the most recent monitoring period.


- (NSDate *)monitorKinesiasExpirationDate;

Return Value

The current expiration date, or nil if you have not yet begun monitoring.


This date is set when you call the monitorKinesiasForDuration: method. You can extend the date by calling monitorKinesiasForDuration: again; however, you can’t shorten the monitoring duration.

You can use the expiration date to determine whether you are currently monitoring the user.

guard let experiationDate = movementDisorderManager.monitorKinesiasExpirationDate() else {
    // You haven't started monitoring the user.

if experiationDate > Date() {
    // Currently monitoring the user.
} else {
    // The monitoring period has ended.

See Also

Recording Movement Disorders

- monitorKinesiasForDuration:

Calculate and store tremor and dyskinetic symptom results for the duration of the specified time interval.