The type for a quaternion representing a measurement of attitude.


struct CMQuaternion


A quaternion offers a way to parameterize attitude. If q is an instance of CMQuaternion, mathematically it represents the following unit quaternion: q.x*i + q.y*j + q.z*k + q.w. A unit quaternion represents a rotation of theta radians about the unit vector {x,y,z}, and {q.x, q.y, q.z, q.w} satisfies the following:

q.x = x * sin(theta / 2)
q.y = y * sin(theta / 2)
q.z = z * sin(theta / 2)
q.w = cos(theta / 2)


Getting the Quaternion Values

var w: Double

The value for the w axis.

var x: Double

The value for the x axis.

var y: Double

The value for the y axis.

var z: Double

The value for the z axis

See Also

Getting a Mathematical Representation of Attitude as a Quaternion

var quaternion: CMQuaternion

Returns a quaternion representing the device's attitude.