An object representing an ISO 7816 application protocol data unit (APDU).


class NFCISO7816APDU : NSObject


Creating an APDU Object

init(instructionClass: UInt8, instructionCode: UInt8, p1Parameter: UInt8, p2Parameter: UInt8, data: Data, expectedResponseLength: Int)

Creates an APDU object with the specified instruction class and code, parameter bytes, and expected response length.

init?(data: Data)

Creates an APDU object with the data buffer containing the full APDU.

Getting the Instruction Bytes

var instructionClass: UInt8

The value of the instruction class (CLA) byte.

var instructionCode: UInt8

The value of the instruction code (INS) byte.

Get the Parameter Bytes

var p1Parameter: UInt8

The value of the P1 parameter byte.

var p2Parameter: UInt8

The value of the P2 parameter byte.

Getting the APDU Data

var data: Data?

The data to transmit.

Getting the Expected Response Length

var expectedResponseLength: Int

The expected response data length (Le) in bytes.


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Sending a Command

func sendCommand(apdu: NFCISO7816APDU, completionHandler: (Data, UInt8, UInt8, Error?) -> Void)

Sends an application protocol data unit (APDU) to the tag and receives a response APDU.