An interface for interacting with an ISO 7816 tag.


protocol NFCISO7816Tag


The NFCTagReaderSessionDelegate receives an object that conforms to the NFCISO7816Tag protocol when the NFCTagReaderSession detects an ISO 7816-compatible tag. For the delegate to receive the tag object, your app must include:

When the session discovers a compatible ISO 7816 tag, the session performs a SELECT command for each application identifier provided in The SELECT command searches for the identifiers in the order in which they appear in the array. The session calls the tagReaderSession(_:didDetect:) delegate method after the first successful SELECT command. The initialSelectedAID property of the found tag has the selected identifier.

For the reader session to read and write data to the tag, it must be available to the reader session. Use the isAvailable property to check the tag’s availability.


Specifying Application Identifiers

property list key

A list of application identifiers that the app supports.

Name: ISO7816 application identifiers for NFC Tag Reader Session

Getting Tag Information

var initialSelectedAID: String

A hexadecimal string of the application identifier for the tag selected by the reader session when discovering new tags.


var identifier: Data

The unique hardware identifier of the tag.


var historicalBytes: Data?

The historical bytes extracted from the Type A Answer To Select response.


var applicationData: Data?

The application data bytes extracted from the Type B Answer To Request response.


var proprietaryApplicationDataCoding: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the application data follows proprietary data coding.


Sending a Command

func sendCommand(apdu: NFCISO7816APDU, completionHandler: (Data, UInt8, UInt8, Error?) -> Void)

Sends an application protocol data unit (APDU) to the tag and receives a response APDU.


class NFCISO7816APDU

An object representing an ISO 7816 application protocol data unit (APDU).


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