The Type Name Format field values that specify content types in an NFC NDEF message.


enum NFCTypeNameFormat : UInt8



case absoluteURI

The data uses the uniform resource identifier standard.

case empty

The record contains no information.

case media

The data uses the media type defined by RFC 2046.

case nfcExternal

The data contains a value that uses the NFC record type definition for external types.

case nfcWellKnown

The data contains a value that uses a type that follows the NFC record type definition.

case unchanged

The data is not the first record in a series of records containing chunked data.

case unknown

The data type is unknown.

See Also

NDEF Messages

class NFCNDEFMessage

An NFC NDEF message, which consists of an array of records, each of which contains a payload.

class NFCNDEFPayload

A payload in an NFC NDEF message.