Core Services

Access and manage key operating system services, such as launch and identity services. Work with Unicode text.


This collection of documents provides the API reference for the Core Services framework, which encompasses many fundamental operating system services used by Carbon applications.


Opaque Types


This document describes the CFStream functions for working with FTP connections. It is part of the CFFTP API.


The CFHost API allows you to create instances of the CFHost object that you can use to acquire host information, including names, addresses, and reachability information.


The CFHTTPAuthentication opaque type provides an abstraction of HTTP authentication information.


The CFHTTPMessage opaque type represents an HTTP message.


The CFNetDiagnostics opaque type allows you to diagnose network-related problems.


The CFNetServices API is part of Bonjour, Apple’s implementation of zero-configuration networking (ZEROCONF). The CFNetServices API allows you to register a network service, such as a printer or file server, so that it can be found by name or browsed for by service type and domain. Applications can use the CFNetServices API to discover the services that are available on the network and to find all access information — such as name, IP address, and port number — needed to use each service.


Launch Services

This section describes the functions defined in the Launch Services API.