Core Services

Access and manage key operating system services, such as launch and identity services.


This collection of documents provides the API reference for the Core Services framework, which encompasses many fundamental operating system services used by Carbon applications.



Apple Events

Communicate messages across process boundaries that can be performed and responded to with a reply event.

Backup Core

Access low-level details about file and folder settings used by the macOS Backup utility.

Dictionary Services

Look for words and phrases in system dictionaries.

File System Events

Get notifications when the contents of a directory hierarchy change.

Launch Services

Launch and open documents in other apps from your current app process.

File Metadata

Search for files based on data that is part of the file or file system.

OS Services

Interact with operating system services, including user and group accounts and power management.

Search Kit

Index and search natural language documents.

Carbon Core

Interact with legacy technologies.