Encoding Variants for MacJapanese

Specify variants of MacJapanese.


enum : unsigned int {




The standard Mac OS Japanese variant. Shift-JIS with JIS Roman modifications, extra 1-byte characters, 2-byte Apple extensions, and some vertical presentation forms in the range 0xEB40—0xEDFE (“ku plus 84").


An artificial Mac OS Japanese variant for callers who don’t want to use separately encoded vertical forms (for example, developers using QuickDraw GX).


An artificial Mac OS Japanese variant without Apple double-byte extensions.


The Mac OS Japanese variant for the screen bitmap version of the Sai Mincho and Chu Gothic fonts.


The Mac OS Japanese variant for PostScript printing versions of the Sai Mincho and Chu Gothic PostScript fonts. This version includes double-byte half-width characters in addition to single-byte half-width characters.


The Mac OS Japanese variant for the Hon Mincho and Maru Gothic fonts used in the Japanese localized version of System 7.1. It does not include the standard Apple extensions, and encodes vertical forms at a different location.

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