Cancels an asynchronous search request.


func SKSearchCancel(_ inSearch: SKSearch!)



The search object whose associated asynchronous search you want to cancel.


Call this function when you want to cancel an asynchronous search that you initiated with SKSearchCreate(_:_:_:). This function stops the search process if it is still in progress at the time. It does not dispose of the search object (SKSearchRef).

Search Kit is thread-safe. You can use separate indexing and searching threads. Your application is responsible for ensuring that no more than one process is open at a time for writing to an index.

See Also

Fast Asynchronous Searching

func SKSearchCreate(SKIndex!, CFString!, SKSearchOptions) -> Unmanaged<SKSearch>!

Creates an asynchronous search object for querying an index, and initiates search.

func SKSearchGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Gets the type identifier for Search Kit search objects.