Cancels an asynchronous search request.


func SKSearchCancel(_ inSearch: SKSearch!)



The search object whose associated asynchronous search you want to cancel.


Call this function when you want to cancel an asynchronous search that you initiated with SKSearchCreate(_:_:_:). This function stops the search process if it is still in progress at the time. It does not dispose of the search object (SKSearchRef).

Search Kit is thread-safe. You can use separate indexing and searching threads. Your application is responsible for ensuring that no more than one process is open at a time for writing to an index.

See Also

Fast Asynchronous Searching

func SKSearchCreate(SKIndex!, CFString!, SKSearchOptions)

Creates an asynchronous search object for querying an index, and initiates search.

func SKSearchGetTypeID()

Gets the type identifier for Search Kit search objects.