Stores array information to be put into a descriptor list with the AEPutArray function or extracted from a descriptor list with the AEGetArray function.


typedef union AEArrayData {
} AEArrayData;


When your application calls the AEPutArray function to put information into a descriptor list or the AEGetArray function to get information from a descriptor list, it uses an to store the information. The type of array depends on the data for the array, as specified by one of the constants described in Data Array Constants.

Array items in Apple event arrays of type kAEDataArray, kAEPackedArray, or kAEHandleArray must be factored—that is, contained in a factored descriptor list. Before adding array items to a factored descriptor list, you should provide both a pointer to the data that is common to all array items and the size of that common data when you first call AECreateList to create a factored descriptor list. When you call AEPutArray to add the array data to such a descriptor list, the Apple Event Manager automatically isolates the common data you specified in the call to AECreateList.

When you call AEGetArray or AEPutArray, you specify a pointer of data type AEArrayDataPointer that points to a buffer containing the data for the array.