Returns an FSRef to the single most likely target of an alias record.


OSErr FSResolveAlias(const FSRef *fromFile, AliasHandle alias, FSRef *target, Boolean *wasChanged);



A pointer to the starting point for a relative search. If you pass NULL in this parameter, FSResolveAlias performs only an absolute search. If you pass a pointer to a valid FSRef in the fromFile parameter, FSResolveAlias performs a relative search for the target, followed by an absolute search only if the relative search fails. If you want to perform an absolute search followed by a relative search, you should use the function FSMatchAliasBulk.


A handle to the alias record to be resolved and, if necessary, updated.


A pointer to an FSRef. On successful return, this FSRef describes the target of the alias record. This parameter must point to a valid FSRef structure.


A pointer to a Boolean value indicating, on return, whether the alias record in the alias parameter was updated because it contained some outdated information about the target. If it updates the alias record, FSResolveAlias sets the wasChanged parameter to true. Otherwise, it sets it to false. (FSResolveAlias never updates a minimal alias, so it never sets wasChanged to true when resolving a minimal alias.

Return Value

A result code. When it finds the specified volume and parent directory but fails to find the target file or directory in that location, FSResolveAlias returns fnfErr. Note that the FSRef in the alias parameter is not valid in this case.


The FSResolveAlias function performs a fast search for the target of the alias. If the resolution is successful, FSResolveAlias returns (in the target parameter) the FSRef for the target file system object, updates the alias record if necessary, and reports (through the wasChanged parameter) whether the record was updated. If the target is on an unmounted AppleShare volume, FSResolveAlias automatically mounts the volume. If the target is on an unmounted ejectable volume, FSResolveAlias asks the user to insert the volume. The FSResolveAlias function exits after it finds one acceptable target.

After it identifies a target, FSResolveAlias compares some key information about the target with the information in the alias record. If the information differs, FSResolveAlias updates the record to match the target.

The FSResolveAlias function displays the standard dialogs when it needs input from the user, such as a name and password for mounting a remote volume. The user can cancel the resolution through these dialogs.

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