Returns an array of objects containing information about processes running on a remote machine.


CFArrayRef AERemoteProcessResolverGetProcesses(AERemoteProcessResolverRef ref, CFStreamError *outError);



The AERemoteProcessResolverRef to query. Acquired from a previous call to AECreateRemoteProcessResolver.


If the function result is NULL, outError contains information about the failure. See the Core Foundation Reference Documentation for a description of the CFStreamError data type.

Return Value

In the case of an error, returns NULL, in which case the outError parameter provides error information. If successful, returns a CFArrayRef of CFDictionaryRef objects containing information about the discovered remote processes. Each dictionary contains the URL of a remote application and its human readable name; it may also contain a CFNumberRef specifying a user ID for the application, if it has one; and it may also contain a CFNumberRef specifying the process ID for the process. The array is owned by the resolver, so you must retain it before disposing of the resolver object itself. For information on the keys for getting information from the dictionary, see Remote Process Dictionary Keys.


You first call AECreateRemoteProcessResolver to obtain a reference to a resolver object you can use to obtain a list of processes running on a specified remote machine. See the description for that function for additional information. You then pass that reference to AERemoteProcessResolverGetProcesses to get an array of objects containing information about the discovered remote processes.

If the resolver was not previously scheduled for execution (by a call to the AERemoteProcessResolverScheduleWithRunLoop function), AERemoteProcessResolverGetProcesses will block until the resulting array is available or an error occurs. If the resolver was previously scheduled but had not yet completed fetching the array, this call will block until the resolver does complete.


Thread safe starting in OS X v10.3.

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