Provides a pretty printer facility for displaying the contents of Apple event descriptors.


OSStatus AEPrintDescToHandle(const AEDesc *desc, Handle *result);



A pointer to a descriptor containing the information to be printed. See AEDesc.


A pointer to a location for a new Handle data type. On return, contains a new handle allocated by the Memory Manager.

Return Value

A result code. See Result Codes.


The data handle returned in the result parameter contains a text string formatted using the “AEBuild” syntax. This string is useful for looking at the contents of Apple events sent by other applications and for debugging your own descriptors.

AEPrintDescToHandle prints the contents of AEDesc, AERecord, and AEDescList descriptors in a format that is suitable for input to AEBuildDesc. AEPrintDescToHandle also attempts display coerced Apple event records as the coerced record type instead of as the original type. Any data structures that cannot be identified are displayed as hexadecimal data.

AEPrintDescToHandle prints the contents of Apple events in a slightly different format. For these events, the event class and event ID appear at the beginning of the output string, followed by the contents of the event enclosed in curly braces. In addition, each attribute is printed with its four-character identifier and preceded by an ampersand character. You cannot use the output string to recreate the Apple event from AEBuildAppleEvent.

See Also

Creating Apple Event Structures in Memory


Constructs an entire Apple event in a single call.


Provides a facility for compiling AEBuild descriptor strings into Apple event descriptors (AEDesc).


Adds additional parameters or attributes to an existing Apple event.


Allows you to encapsulate calls to AEBuildAppleEvent in a wrapper routine.


Allows you to encapsulate calls to AEBuildDesc in your own wrapper routines.


Allows you to encapsulate calls to AEBuildParameters in your own stdarg-style wrapper routines, using techniques similar to those allowed by vsprintf.