Allows you to encapsulate calls to AEBuildDesc in your own wrapper routines.


OSStatus vAEBuildDesc(AEDesc *dst, AEBuildError *error, const char *src, va_list args);



A pointer to a descriptor where the resulting descriptor should be stored. See AEDesc.


A pointer to an AEBuildError structure where additional information about any errors that occur will be saved. This is an optional parameter and you can pass NULL if this information is not required. See AEBuildError.


An AEBuild format string describing the descriptor to be created.


A reference to a previously defined, variable argument parameter list to use with the descriptor-string. The file <stdarg.h> defines macros for declaring and using the va_list data type.

Return Value

A numeric result code indicating the success of the call. A value of AEBuildSyntaxNoErr (zero) means the call succeeded. You can use the error parameter to discover information about other errors. See Result Codes.


Passing an argument list to vAEBuildDesc corresponds to passing a series of individual parameters to the AEBuildDesc function.

This function and related “AEBuild” routines provide a very simple translation service for converting specially formatted strings into complex Apple event descriptors. Normally, creating complex Apple event descriptors requires a large number of calls to Apple Event Manager routines to build up the descriptor piece by piece. The vAEBuildDesc function and related routines allow you to consolidate all of the calls required to construct a complex Apple event descriptor into a single system call that creates the desired structure as directed by a format string that you provide.

See Also

Creating Apple Event Structures in Memory


Constructs an entire Apple event in a single call.


Provides a facility for compiling AEBuild descriptor strings into Apple event descriptors (AEDesc).


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Allows you to encapsulate calls to AEBuildAppleEvent in a wrapper routine.


Allows you to encapsulate calls to AEBuildParameters in your own stdarg-style wrapper routines, using techniques similar to those allowed by vsprintf.