Creates an array of all uniform type identifiers for the type indicated by the specified tag.


func UTTypeCreateAllIdentifiersForTag(_ inTagClass: CFString, _ inTag: CFString, _ inConformingToUTI: CFString?) -> Unmanaged<CFArray>?



The class of the inTag parameter. For more information, see Type Tag Classes.


The tag to translate into a uniform type identifier.


If not nil, all returned uniform type identifiers must conform to this parameter.

Return Value

An array of uniform type identifiers, or NULL if inTagClass is not a known tag class


This function is used to translate a type declared using another declaration mechanism (for example, MIME types) into a uniform type identifier. This function searches all UTI declarations for a matching translation and returns all possible results. If a conforming parameter is assigned, the search is reduced to the subset of type identifiers that conform to that type.

If no result is found, this function creates a dynamic type beginning with the dyn prefix.

See Also

Creating Uniform Type Identifiers

func UTTypeCreatePreferredIdentifierForTag(CFString, CFString, CFString?) -> Unmanaged<CFString>?

Creates a uniform type identifier for the type indicated by the specified tag.