Tells Search Kit to use the Spotlight metadata importers.


func SKLoadDefaultExtractorPlugIns()


The Spotlight metadata importers determine the kMDItemTextContent property for each document passed to the SKIndexAddDocument(_:_:_:_:) function.

Call the SKLoadDefaultExtractorPlugIns function once at application launch to tell Search Kit to use the Spotlight metadata importers. The function SKIndexAddDocument(_:_:_:_:) will then use Spotlight’s importers to extract the text from supported files and place that text into an index, leaving the markup behind.


In versions of macOS prior to OS X v10.4, Search Kit used its own set of default text extractor plug-ins. The file types supported by Search Kit’s default text extractor plug-ins were:

  • plaintext

  • PDF

  • HTML

  • RTF

  • Microsoft Word (.doc)